Dr. Braeden Alverson DDS

Dr. Alverson DDS

Dr. Braeden Alverson DDS


Dr. Alverson is a dentist and long-time resident of Colorado Springs.  He graduated from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Braeden Alverson, DDS, is an outstanding dentist and an integral member of Palmer Park Dentistry in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He finds his work deeply rewarding, and he loves to watch the patients in his care grow and thrive. 

Dr. Alverson completed his dental degree at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora. During his training, he enjoyed exploring all aspects of dental care and research. He strives to remain on the cutting edge of dental practice through ongoing training and education. 

Dr. Alverson shapes his professional life around a commitment to creating trust with his patients. He works hard to ensure that no one is excluded from top-quality care, including those with dental anxiety or advanced care needs. 

Excellent dental care begins with listening to patients express concerns and define their goals for treatment. This is an area where Dr. Alverson excels and is part of why so many patients have made Palmer Park Dentistry their preferred dental resource.  

A father of two grown children, Dr. Alverson, values his connection to family. As a long-time resident of Colorado Springs, he feels fortunate to live in an area filled with friendly people and a beautiful natural environment.

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